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Choosing Righteous Paths: Wisdom in Spiritual Discernment

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Devotional by J.Pierce



"Heavenly Father, Yahweh, guide us in discerning Your truth and wisdom in our lives. Help us to follow the righteous path exemplified by Yeshua, especially in times of confusion and misleading guidance. Amen."



In a world brimming with varied spiritual directions, discerning the true path as guided by Yahweh and exemplified by Yeshua is crucial. This devotional, inspired by the lessons in Jeremiah, delves into navigating our spiritual journey with discernment and wisdom.

Scripture Exploration:

Reflecting on Jeremiah 23, we learn the importance of discerning true spiritual leadership against false guidance. This message encourages us to seek Yahweh’s wisdom and follow the righteous example set by Yeshua.

Deep Dive into the Impact of Seeking Validation:

  • The Challenge of False Guidance: Explore the dangers of following misleading leaders, as cautioned by Jeremiah.


  • Seeking Yahweh’s Wisdom: Discuss the importance of actively seeking Yahweh’s guidance in our lives.

  • The Example of Yeshua: Consider how Yeshua exemplifies the ultimate model of righteous leadership and living.

Relatable Scenarios:

Imagine Brittany, a college student, who encounters various spiritual teachings on campus. Some resonate with her Christian beliefs, while others contradict the teachings of Yahweh and Yeshua. Confused, Sarah seeks guidance through prayer and scripture, striving to discern which teachings align with her faith and which lead away from the truth she knows in Yahweh and Yeshua

Reflection & Application:

Reflect on times you’ve encountered conflicting spiritual advice. How did you seek Yahweh’s wisdom? What steps can you take to ensure your choices align with His truth and the example of Yeshua?

Practical Steps or Challenge:

This week, apply a teaching of Yeshua in your daily life. Spend time in prayer each day, seeking Yahweh’s discernment for any areas of uncertainty or confusion

Closing Prayer:

"Yahweh, bless us with the discernment to recognize and follow Your truth. Guide us in the path of righteousness, as shown by Yeshua, Your Son. Amen."

Further Study:

Explore these scriptures for a deeper understanding of spiritual discernment:

  • Proverbs 2:1-11: Wisdom’s role in understanding and discernment.

  • 1 Kings 3:9: Solomon’s request for a discerning heart.

  • James 1:5: The promise of wisdom for those who ask


Concluding Thoughts:

As we journey through our spiritual lives, let's continuously seek Yahweh’s wisdom and guidance, following the righteous path of Yeshua. In choosing this path and seeking divine discernment, we navigate our journey with faith and confidence

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