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Teach Us To Pray:

A  19-Day Prayer Guide




You may have noticed that each generation likes to blame other generations for problems. Older people often look critically upon younger generations for doing things differently. Younger people often get frustrated with older generations for not being more progressive. 

But God is clear that every demographic is precious to him. We are as much His beloved children at 16 as we are at 60. And we have as much purpose in our 80s as we did in our 20s.

Psalm 145:4 instructs those who are older to tell of God’s awesome works and mighty acts to those who are younger. At every age and stage, let’s encourage and build the faith of those coming behind us by sharing how we have seen God at work through the years.

  • How has God shown Himself to you in different seasons of life? Praise Him for His faithfulness.

  • What were your hopes, dreams, fears, and insecurities 5, 10, or 15 years ago? Consider how God has protected you through the years. 

  • Who are the young people God has placed in your life? Thank God for their unique personalities and the way they reflect His character in the world. 

  • Notice how you speak to and about students. Do you catch yourself complaining or holding negative or misguided toward another generation?

  • What might you need to repent of in relation to the way you treat people younger or older than you?

  • What do you hope to see God do in Quankey in 2020? What do you hope to see happen at Quankey in 2020? Put those dreams and desires before God and ask Him to bring them to fruition. 

  • Jeremiah and Timothy both felt like they were too young to make a difference or do what God had called them to. Do you feel (or have you ever felt) that way?

  • We all need spiritual mothers and fathers to show us how to love God and live the life He has for us. 

  • Reread today’s verses paying special attention to the relationship between generations. Allow God to show you where you fit in the generational ministry of our church. 


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