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Teach Us To Pray:

A  19-Day Prayer Guide



The early church was spread across countries and cultures, Quankey is one church ,and while we are one church family, it’s not unusual to have a special affection for those we labor with and worship alongside every week. 

When you’ve prayed, believed, served, sweated, and celebrated together, you develop a love and trust for one another. That’s the bond Paul shared with the church in Philippi, and it’s the kinship we experience with the people at our church every Sunday. 


  • What do you see God doing at Quankey that is unique or different from years’ past?

  • Who makes coming to church special for you? Thank God for the names and faces that come to mind.

  • Whose partnership in the Gospel are you thankful for today?

  • How do you feel about the people you attend church with each week? 

  • Is there anyone at Quankey you need to forgive or extend grace to?

  • Is there anyone Quankey you need to ask forgiveness from?


  • What do you want to see God do Quankey this year? 

  • What does Quankey need to further its dreams for our city?

  • Not sure where to start? Reread Paul’s prayer for his friends in Philippians 1:9-11. How might you pray this in your own words?

  • Sit a moment longer. What do you feel the Spirit saying to you as you think about our Quankey family? 


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