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Here are some great apps to help with your study, and your daily reading at home or on the go! for you and your kids.



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Here are some great resources to help our auxiliaries continue to meet and communicate during this unique time. 

Both platforms work on PC computer and Mac, and mobile devices.


Free conference call service. You can have meetings via Landline phone or Mobile phone, it also offers  free Video conference calling via computer, tablet, or mobile phone.


Call as much as you like and use all the UberConference features for free. The free service includes unlimited 45 minute conference calls to an assigned number, a rich visual conferencing interface with social contact integration, and robust call management features like mute, group chat, and call recording.


educational resources


In the How to Read the Bible Series, The Bible Project explores the origins, content, and purpose of the Bible. These videos are great for personal study, small groups

How to Read the Bible - Study Notes

This is episode 1 of an ongoing series that explores the origins, content, and purpose of the Bible. Here you'll be introduced to some of the basic skills necessary for reading the bible effectively.

In this video we summarize the overall story of the Bible as a series of crossroad decisions. All humanity, followed by the Israelites, redefine good and evil and end up in Babylon. They are followed by Jesus, who takes a different path that opens up the way to a new creation.

Reading the Bible wisely requires that we learn about the ancient literary styles used by the biblical authors. These writers expressed their ideas and claims through a variety of different type of literature, and this video will explore why it's important to tell them apart so we can hear their message on their terms.

Literary Styles the Bible - Study Notes

Reading the Bible wisely requires that we learn about the ancient literary styles used by the biblical authors. The Bible is a dense book that is often difficult to read. But what if the very features that make it challenging are actually invitations to a lifetime of meditation? In this video we'll see how the Bible is the original meditation literature.

The Bible as Jewish Meditation Literature - Study Notes

An important part of reading biblical narratives is learning how to understand the nature of "the plot," how stories are arranged into a pattern of conflict and resolution. In this video we'll see how ignoring the sequence of the plot can lead to distorted interpretation of biblical stories. We'll also explore how grasping the multi-layered nature of the narrative can help you see the unified story that leads to Jesus

Most of us think of characters in Bible as either sinners or saints, good or bad. At least that’s how Bible stories are presented to children. In this video, we’ll explore the ways biblical authors present characters as more complex and morally compromised than we usually imagine.

Every story has to take place somewhere, and very often locations have a special meaning or significance evoked by events that already took place there. In this video, we explore how biblical authors use settings in the narrative to meet the reader's expectations or to mess with them. Paying attention to locations and timelines in biblical stories unlocks deeper layers of meaning.

Design patterns are one of the key ways the biblical authors have unified the storyline of the Bible. Individual stories across the Old and New Testaments have been coordinated through repeated words and parallel themes. These patterns highlight core themes of the biblical story and show how it all leads to Jesus!